This is a collaborative research platform entirely dedicated to understand Sundarbans mangrove ecosystems and its processes to form the much needed knowledge-base on the forest. Its ecosystem services and natural heritage as well as the dearth of scientific research surely demand attention from global research community. Yet, knowledge of biological science and ecosystem research significantly lags behind when it comes to Sundarbans mangrove forest- world’s largest single tract of mangrove forest.

Understanding the hydrologic and ecological processes is imperative for integrated management of this delicate and threatened mangrove swamp, specially at a time when other major mangrove forests in the region is drastically under damage from anthropogenic interference. Sundarbans, despite its looming fate, still is among the comparatively less-damaged mangroves which undoubtedly is advantageous to the mangrove scientists both at home and abroad. we consider this high time to invite research communities join together with professionals, academicians and green volunteers on this platform and conduct research that reveal the ecosystem and build a common knowledge-base.

Without ecosystem studies of the ecosystem, its integration into policies,  any sustainable management will remain far-deemed. However any such ecosystem approach in Sundarbans studies is rare so far. This site is a minor initiative to start that presumably long journey. It will compile scientific information from academic resources and research materials to become a starting point for any academicians pursuing further studies on the Sundarbans mangrove swamp forest.

This virtual platform aims to bring together young scientists, researchers, professionals, students with common interest on Sundarbans.

We seek spontaneous and voluntary involvement from life and natural scientists including biologists, soil scientists, oceanographers, GIS specialists, statisticians, programmers to economists and social scientists and amateurs.

The initiative, at its inception, is made public so that students, academicians and professionals can jointly contribute to advance global knowledge on Sundarbans, need of which became more evident during the oilspill in Sundarbans in Dec, 2014.

Join us! Share your interests, ideas, feedback, relevant posts or simply photos, videos on Sundarbans. For any research collaboration or voluntary research involvement from students, academicians and professionals, please email to

Happy mangroving!