If one looks close enough into the global distribution of mangroves and salt marshes, one would not fail to notice the greater areal extent of the mangroves. Now, both these ecosystems are my favorite. So this discussion is not to set a rivalry between these two. Yet, with little digging into literature into the system, anyone will also note that more scientific studies involve salt marshes than we know our Sundarban mangroves.

One might argue that how scientific studies on Sundarbans can even be compared to studies on salt marsh since Sundarbans is only part of the global mangroves; but I can’t stop lamenting over the dearth specially due to the the greater biodiversity of the Mangrove than salt marsh.

Limited research funding could be one of the top reason, but as I always argue, good intention and passion towards this interestingly diverse system could appease much of that lack. In fact, I firmly believe, a sound-economic study on Sundarbans is not impossible.

Initiative perhaps remain the greatest hurdle!